Underwear- History & Origin

Underwear is an integral part of today’s clothing. Ever wondered, about the origins and history of underwear? Primitive man used leaves and animal skin to cover himself. However traces of first undergarment would rather be the loin cloth which was passed between the legs and tied around the waist. Undergarments have evolved since then.

Undergarments are known by different names like boxers, knickers, panties or lingerie. Boxers and knickers fall in the men’s category while panties and lingerie fall in the women’s category. In Earlier day’s undergarments were made of soft leather. Women would drape the leather in a way to cover their bosom and men would drape the leather either between their legs or would drape it around the waist like a skirt.

Undergarments have evolved from there on to its current form. Presently undergarments are available in cotton, Lycra, silk, mesh etc. Companies like Triumph & Wacoal are leading manufacturers of women’s undergarments, where as Jockey leads the sales in men’s section. Manufacturers have come up with undergarments for different occasions. Designers have launched their special lines for undergarments. Wacoal bras have launched its special line for petite women. That explains how essential undergarments have become. Undergarments are now been customized to fit women with different body structures. Chantelle has bra’s available from size AA to size G. Men’s underwear has also undergone significant changes. From basic briefs to thongs, undershirts, corsets there is a wide range to choose from. Has the industry seen the best underwear yet? Or is the best yet to come?

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